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Even though Maya Azul is in the jungle it has 24 hour electricity and the access road is in excellent condition. Our well water is filtered but we still provide drinking water.

Casas La Fe is the development where Maya Azul is located. There are 72 lots in this gated community but few are developed so you are quite secluded. Casas La Fe is known locally as Wildlife Lagoon.

This is an ecologically protected area and the entire development of Casas La Fe is strictly controlled by a set of guidelines from the Mexican government agency SEMARNAT. Hence we ask that you too do your best to preserve the environment here on Laguna Bacalar. Please do not put any harsh chemicals down the sinks or toilets and please use environmentally safe sunscreens and bugsprays.

The earliest life form discovered on Earth is found in Laguna Bacalar. Please click Laguna Bacalar Institute for more information on the lake's ecosystem.

Maya Azul Lakeshore
Maya Azul Shoreline
Sunset on the Laguna
Laguna Bacalar

Cooling off in the Lake

Cooling off in the Lake
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